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The Giml Project

The Project

Giml is an open source hobby project developed by Gil Mizrahi and is licensed under Apache-2.0.

Giml (formerly known as Strema) started as as a fun 'Live coding a compiler' streaming project and most of the work has been developed live on Twitch.

Giml is still very much a work-in-progress and many critical features are currently missing, but feel free to play around with it if you'd like!


Giml (pronounced Gimel) was born from my desire to:

  1. Have fun making a programming language
  2. Add structural typing features to a Haskell-like language
  3. Experiment with a language that does not provide complex type-level programming features

In terms of language complexity, Giml sits somewhere between Elm and PureScript, providing higher-kinded types but does not provide typeclasses and other type-level programming features.

My hope is that by streaming the development process of Giml I can help make Haskell and building compilers a bit more approachable.

Source & Docs

Giml's source repository and issue tracker are hosted on Gitlab.

Giml is currently pre-0.1 release and is still changing rapidly. To play with Giml-HEAD, see the build instructions in the README.

Various documentation including haddocks, language reference and examples can be found in the docs page.

The Development

If you're interested in watching Giml's developement videos, live or on demand, check out my Twitch schedule or Giml's Youtube playlist.


If you are interested in Haskell or compilers development but don't know where to start, check out the following resources: